Exploring for gold-bearing quartz veins, disseminated gold, supergene gold in oxide and gold-rich VMS style systems

Greenstone-hosted, gold-bearing quartz-carbonate veins are found in very old rocks (580 million to 2.6 billion years old). Examples of greenstone belts where Mynah has explored for gold include the Abitibi, Birimian, Lake Victoria, Kibalian and Kiberian and Kilo Moto greenstone belts, as well as the Arabian-Nubian-Shield, Damara Orogen and Guyana Shield.

In addition to vein gold, gold-rich VMS-style mineralization are also found in these greenstone belts¬† and include such monster deposits as Barrick-Ma’aden’s Jabal Sayid in Saudi Arabia, Ariab Mining’s Hassai in Sudan and Nevsun-ENAMCO’s Bisha Main and Harena in Eritrea.

Epithermal gold, separated into low, intermediate and high sulphidation, are typical of young volcanic terrains, such as the Pacific Ring of Fire, along active subduction zones.

Mynah has worked on all of these gold deposit styles across the Africa continent, the America’s and South Pacific. Ms Voormeij is passionate about gold exploration and she is discovery-driven.

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Gold-bearing quartz vein exposed in outcrop, Egypt’s Eastern Desert