Gold Exploration for the Field Team

Gold Exploration in Tropical Landscapes is a geoscience course presenting effective field techniques and cultural etiquette for mineral exploration at tropical latitudes (between 23° 26′ 16″ North and 23° 26′ 16″ South). The following principal topics are covered:

Tropical climates

Weathering of bedrock in the tropics

Description of the zones of the laterite regolith

The formation of tropical regolith

Supergene development of gold nuggets

Dispersion of supergene gold within tropical soils

Stream sediment and soil geochemical surveys

Artisanal small-scale mining as vectors for gold

The social impact of gold exploration in the tropics

Gold Exploration in Tropical Landscapes is available as a self-paced online course at Edumine.  It can be taken as a certified course, or if you prefer, you can read through the book and pay a small monthly fee for viewing the pages.

Professional geologists and engineers who take this course can log 26 professional development hours (PDH) with their professional association, such as EGBC.

Ms Voormeij travels to site to teach the course over two days. This includes time in the field with the team looking at road cuts, trenches and deep pits so the whole team is familiar with the laterite regolith and how to collect the best sample medium for soil and trench programs.