Empowerment of National Geologists

Mynah Exploration encourages the empowerment of national geologists and field staff.

Empower national geologists and field technicians by training them and then moving them between projects, internationally, at expat wages.

A term used by policymakers and academics, South to South describes the exchange of resources, science and technology, and knowledge between developing countries.

South to South can be applied to gold exploration. For example, once a company has been exploring in a region for several years and invested resources in the training and education of local personnel, it makes sense to bring their best employees over to their next major exploration project, even if it is in another country.

Many exploration geologists from Western countries work as expatriates in developing countries. Why not make expatriates out of a company’s top national geologists? It rewards those exceptional few by providing them with expatriate work and gives them valuable experience abroad while they earn good wages.

Creating expatriates out of local geologists, field assistants and camp managers will generate loyalty and give back to their country in many ways.


Liberian geologists: what a great team!